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Championship Format

With Europe County comprising all of continental Europe with great distances between each team, the County Board adopted regionalised system, whereby the first half of the season Europe is divided between different regions: Central / East Europe, Iberia, North / West Europe, Scaninavia and BeneLux where Luxembourg play.

Each regional championship is played over three to four individual tournaments, the winner of which, and those other teams deemed strong enough then enter the European Championship, while the rest then enter the shield.
Championships and Shields are the also contested over three or four tournaments.

A tournament is competed in a single day with pool stages or in a round-robin format leading to a final. Semi-finals and ranking matches can be played if needed to determine a ranking of every team present on the day. Each team gains a number of points depending on its ranking at each tournament (25 points for the winner, 20 points for the runner-up, etc.).
After each tournament points gained are added to determine the championship winner at the end of the season.