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The Dam Has Been Plugged

Luxembourg claim Benelux Round 2 to put them in pole position.

The Luxembourg Men’s Championship Side for the day

Last weekend, Saturday, 26 May saw the biggest ever Benelux Gaelic football tournament in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The club performed well in the first tournament of the year in the Hague in March and were looking god for Round 2.
For the first time in many years three teams travelled from Luxembourg to take part in the competition, the men’s championship team, the Shield team and the women’s team.

The men’s competition started well for Luxembourg with the Shield team beating Belgium’s shield team well and the Championship side beating Belgium A. After this good start the Shield team were disappointed to draw with Düsseldorf. The Championship team lost their next round match to hosts Amsterdam. The Shield team were beaten by the host club in the next round but their big victory over Belgium was enough to secure a place in the final. In the Championship Luxembourg beat den Haag to secure their place in the final.

This was a tremendous achievement for the Club, to not only field two men’s teams but to reach the finals of both competitions.

In the Shield final Amsterdam scored an early goal and Luxembourg never managed to make up the difference losing 1-03 to Amsterdam to Luxembourg’s 0-03. The same clubs faced each other in the men’s Championship final. Luxembourg were much more comfortable in this match, a winter’s training paid off with a 2-09 to 1-04 victory over Amsterdam.

Tadhg Dunne, one of three Luxembourg players who played for both the Championship and the Shield team, eight matches on a warm day, was rewarded by the tournament referees with Player of the Tournament for the Championship competition.

Luxembourg are now top of the league table for the Benelux Championship, the next tournament will take place in Belgium on 23 June with the finals taking place in Maastricht on the 28 July.

The Luxembourg Men’s Shield Side for the day

The Luxembourg Ladies Side for the day

Posted by Dónal on May 29th, 2012